Westminster: Rigged?


Did you watch the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on TV last week? I’m not really into pet competitions, but for some reason, every February when the Westminster dogs come sniffing around, I get hooked. Usually I can venture a guess on which dogs at the New York show are frontrunners to win. This year, not even close. That’s because this year’s winner, a Scottish deerhound named GCH Foxcliffe Hickory Wind, has to be one of the ugliest dogs ever evolved in nature.

I’m sure “Hickory” is a very nice dog – and I am a huge dog-lover – but I know from ugly dogs, and this is one. That’s because I myself have owned an ugly dog. Our first dog, Rocky, was ugly when we got him as a puppy – short black fur going in all directions, long spindly legs without much hair – but we thought he’d grow out of it. He didn’t grow, period. He stayed a sweet, small, ugly dog. I know he was ugly because when I took him to the vet, the vet suggested entering him in the Ugliest Dog Contest. Cruel really.

Anyway, Hickory reminds me a little of a larger Rocky. See?

No offense to Hickory, but there were a lot of cute dogs at that show, and in my opinion, the best dog in the U.S. (which is what you supposedly are if you win Best in Show at Westminster) should at least be cute.

The dog we had after Rocky, an apricot poodle named Gigi, was cute. Neurotic. Paranoid-schizophrenic. But cute. I’ll tell you about her sometime.


3 thoughts on “Westminster: Rigged?

  1. I love this one for several reasons! First off, when I started scrolling down I was quickly reminded again about Cosette and my resemblence. This picture looks so much like her now. Secondly, I loved Rocky. In my mind I remember Rocky as being incredibly cute. Honestly. It must have been the love of a kid with their first dog. I also enjoyed the description of Gigi, which was right on. The poor dog I think would have qualified as having an emotional disorder had she been a person. But, I loved her anyways as she was my dog (no one else would claim her I’m sure). Jill’s picture of Rocky was great. It took my mind back to pictures of her about 7-years-old with her blond hair and cute huge smile. You know the smile she had holding the neck of a Hess girl or riding a trike around the garage.


  2. Great blog Mom. I remember that picture of Gina like it was yesterday! :O Didn’t remember Jill’s picture of Rocky. These are so cute!


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