The Birthday Chronicles

"The Eating of the Corn" –Grace, 2011

Had a birthday party at my house last Saturday for Maria, now 11, and Christian, now 7. One shared party this year because their birthdays are ten days apart, and because they each have separate parties with their friends, and because one birthday party at Grandma’s is a rigorous event sure to test Grandma’s stamina.

Made two chocolate cakes, of course, because Christian has that dairy allergy and Maria insists she doesn’t like dairy-free cake, even though it tastes just fine and the rest of us eat it without complaint. On the other hand, it is her younger brother and boundaries have been established.

Grace and Cosette, ages 5 and 3 respectively, were the impromptu, undelegated chroniclers of the event. Cosette had her mother’s camera, Grace had mine, and since no adult cared to assume the task of monitoring them, they were set free to take pictures willy-nilly, mostly of things completely unrelated to normal birthday party proceedings.

And here’s a small sample of the photos preserved for all posterity…

"Self Portrait" –Cosette, 2011

"Self Portrait" –Grace, 2011

"The Grilling of the Brats"

"The Tuna Salad"

"Man Eating Corn with Pointing Wife"

"The Carrying of the Baby with Pink Shoe"

"The Lifting of the Baby with Wiener"

"The Passing of the Brat"
"The Surprise Guest"

"Really Seeing the Hotdog"

"The Big Man in Repose"

"Dead on the Table"

"Something Suspicious"

"Descent to the Underworld"

"The Giving of the Opinion"

Meanwhile, the 4th is almost upon us. Be careful with those fireworks, which we used to have to buy across the border in Wisconsin but which are now available on an endcap at Target for ten bucks, so you can blow up beer bottles and annoy the neighbors without having to make that long trip. Let us celebrate.


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