Animal Magnetism


Day 5: I drove out to see the Taos Pueblo today, and while I was visiting the public restroom there, a little dog walked under the door and into my stall. I think it was a chihuahua. He just looked at me, turned around, and walked back out, but it was unnerving, you know? If the animal kingdom is trying to tell me something, they will have to find someone who can speak more clearly.

What else? While I was parked at the labyrinth yesterday, a bird shit on the inside of my car door. So there’s another thing that doesn’t happen every day, and it’s pretty hard to see how it could be interpreted as an auspicious sign. I know I’m not enlightened yet, but come on.

In less scintillating news…

Went to the Kit Carson house and museum in Taos, which was more interesting than I expected. Not many people there, mostly just me and the bikers. There’s a motorcycle rally north of Taos this weekend in Red River, but it seems they like to ride the loop through the mountains to Eagle Nest, Angel Fire and Taos, so they are just everywhere. They aren’t especially scary bikers. More like Denis Hopper wannabes and about the same age. Plenty of black leather and big noise though.

This afternoon, I drove the seventy miles to Santa Fe without getting lost, oh yes. Pretty drive through the mountains with the river down below, and you could even see some people white-water rafting.

Being Memorial Day weekend, it’s crowded just about everywhere. Can anyone explain why Memorial Day is a week early this year? It is messing up my vacation. At 4:30 in the afternoon, there wasn’t an open stool at the bar in the St. Francis Hotel, where I am now ensconced. I don’t know if it’s even possible to find enlightenment without wine.


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