Snake Charming


Day 7: I drove up into the canyons around Santa Fe yesterday, where you see the kind of scenery found on postcards. I wanted to see the Pueblo cliff dwellings in Bandelier National Park. Turns out you can’t drive your car into the park in the middle of the day, but a 25-minute shuttle ride will take you up there. I don’t care for buses, to say nothing of one straining to make it up and down a mountain. Took a Dramamine, got on the bus.

The shuttle drops you off at a visitor’s center, and from there you have to walk up about a mile to the site. The dwellings are caves cut out of the volcanic rock about a thousand years ago. You can climb up wooden ladders and look inside. I hate heights. I climbed the ladders. There weren’t a lot of other people up there, so it was a little lonely, but peaceful and quite moving.

I decided to take the nature trail coming back down, which is a little longer hike and there are numerous signs reminding you to “Stay On The Path.” Like I’d leave the path. Rounded a curve and startled a snake lying in my way. I think it was just a garter snake, as I have seen them in my basement. Normally I might have let out a little scream, but he slithered away pretty quickly. Also, I was under the influence of Dramamine.

Then I ran across this deer, who was chewing something and showed no interest in me at all. At least I think it was a deer. Why does it have such long ears?


I was happy to see the visitors’ center again, although I’m really glad I went to see the cliff dwellings. Drove back down into Santa Fe, got a little lost. I fear I am slowly becoming the weary traveler. Perhaps a day of shopping will help?


3 thoughts on “Snake Charming

  1. Thank you for making me laugh, Judy. My co-worker was wondering what I was laughing about as I read your Day 7 experiences. So, I shared with her your journey in search of “enlightenment”. She wanted me to let you know how impressed she is with your courage to travel on your own and enjoyed some of the excerpts I shared with her. We’ve been where you are and thoroughly enjoyed the entire area. If you can get to Dead Horse Canyon, I highly recommend the stop. It’s a sad story but a beautiful place. I’m pretty sure it was on that trip that we saw that location. Look forward to your next post. Also, wanted to share this thought with you –
    Maybe your “enlightenment” may be that, you’re already enlightened.
    Safe Travels – Enjoy Every Moment !
    Cousin Sandy :o)


    1. Hey, Sandy, So good to hear from you. I don’t know where Dead Horse Canyon is but I’ll look it up. I am on my way to Colorado tomorrow. Maybe it’s on the way? Take care.


      1. Hey Judy ! My man informed me that was in Utah, not New Mexico. Sorry about that. If you find yourself in Utah check it out ! Ha !
        Take Care & God Bless !
        Cousin Sandy :o)


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