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The Fourth Star on the Left

I added a star to the tattoo on my ankle yesterday in honor of my sixth grandchild, Lee, now 9 months old and definitely star-worthy. It was a little hard finding exactly the right position for star #6 and then … Continue reading

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Again With the Weather

Remember 2011 and the spring that’s wasn’t? Winter in its perversity went on and on. And on. People had about resigned themselves to never wearing flip-flops again, when out of nowhere came summer. Not a great summer – backyard gardens … Continue reading

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Where’s El Nino When You Need Him?

It’s snowing and blowing again. The weatherfolks say this storm could be as bad or worse than the Halloween snowstorm of 1991, which has become our yardstick for all storms thereafter. No worries about a white Christmas, just whether there’s … Continue reading

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“There will be a rain dance Friday night, weather permitting.” –George Carlin

So the weather. There’s just no predicting it. It’s only December 7. and we’ve already had two snowstorms, both with horrible timing. Minnesota winters aren’t nearly as cold as some people think, but they make up for it in perversity. … Continue reading

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