Again With the Weather


Remember 2011 and the spring that’s wasn’t? Winter in its perversity went on and on. And on. People had about resigned themselves to never wearing flip-flops again, when out of nowhere came summer. Not a great summer – backyard gardens were fairly shot, refusing to provide adequate salad fixings – but summer nonetheless.

Now here we are, March again, a complete turnaround from last year weather-wise, but it looks like it might very well be another year without a spring. Last year on this date the temperature was 18˚F with a windchill of 10˚F. This past week temps were in the 70s, almost 80˚ last Sunday. At last, you say, payback for Not-Spring 2011. We should be thrilled… yet somehow it’s just unsettling. We fall into bed early and still can’t seem to get enough sleep. We don’t know what clothes to put on in the morning. (What did I do with those pink capris? Is it safe to put away the down vest?) Allergy and sinus sufferers curse the pollen and the air pressure.

It’s Minnesota, it’s March, and as usual, we are out of sorts.

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2 thoughts on “Again With the Weather

  1. No one is more worried than Gina given her August due date. It’s going to be a long summer for her. No doubt she is praying that we don’t get an early heatwave. Bret will probably glad that he already installed the air conditioner, if he is not already. I’m praying that they open the pool at my apartment complex early this year. Hey, at least you don’t need your wool coat. 🙂


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