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Animal Magnetism

Day 5: I drove out to see the Taos Pueblo today, and while I was visiting the public restroom there, a little dog walked under the door and into my stall. I think it was a chihuahua. He just looked at me, turned around, and walked back … Continue reading

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So Close

Day 4: This is the labyrinth I walked this morning. If you’re unfamiliar with them, a labyrinth is not a maze but a tool used to enhance meditation. Or some people just walk them because they like to. This is one … Continue reading

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But I Don’t Want to Go to Denver

Day 3: How did I end up in Denver, you ask. I don’t know. Clearly I should not be left alone on America’s highways. A sign came up saying “23 miles to Denver,” and then there was nothing for it but to forge on … Continue reading

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Kansas: It’s Still There

Day 2: I like road trips. You just aim the car, set the cruise control, put Linda Ronstadt’s Greatest Hits in the CD player, and sing along as loud as you want (Desperado, John, Desperado). The best thing I saw today was a green … Continue reading

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Go West, Old Woman (or How I Sought Enlightenment on the Road To Santa Fe)

So I retired. Oh, way back in October of last year. I could say many things about retirement, but I’m still adjusting. When I’m done adjusting, I’ll let you know. And with retirement one joins the ranks of aging nomads. Retirees are a restless group, … Continue reading

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Last One to Leave, Bring in the Dock

We are selling the family cabin this week, the last thing my father left us. He built it in 1968, with the same independence and drive he showed in everything else. He pored over plans for vacation homes, contracted the … Continue reading

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Minnesota, the Mercy State

Something odd is going on. It started when I didn’t file my taxes in April. There was some kind of screw-up in the accountant’s office, the taxes didn’t get done, and I ended up filing both my state and federal … Continue reading

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Birthday Season

Birthday season is upon us. We have birthdays throughout the year, of course, but from May 24 to the end of July, it’s birthday, birthday, birthday, birthday, birthday, birthday, birthday. The sons-in-law, present and future, must get sick of it. … Continue reading

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The Engagement

Jessica and John decided to get married. And since no one could think of a reason why they shouldn’t, here we go. My family is a lot like a sitcom. It just takes something like a wedding to make it … Continue reading

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All Together Now…

So, long time no post. I feel guilty. I do. It wouldn’t bother me except that I’m supposed to be chronicling my grandchildren’s formative years. If I don’t do it, who will? Nobody, that’s who. It’s January, so obviously I … Continue reading

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