To Insanity and Beyond

“My Feet” – Grace, 2011
“My Crocs on My Feet” – Grace, 2011
“Ursa’s Feet” – Grace, 2011

Hard to believe we’re nearing the end of August and I have so little to show for it. A total of 11 tomatoes on two cherry tomato plants and one raspberry on a patch that now covers about 100 square feet of yard. Just a guess, but I’m thinking none of my past lives involved living off the land.

I didn’t go anywhere this summer either, except for one long weekend up at the lake with my children and grandchildren, where precious family memories were once again preserved on my digital camera by Grace, age five, and Cosette, age three.

“The Lake, the Rocks, That Board Thing”
“Woman Eating Pork Chop for Breakfast”
“The Pork Chop in Question”
“Unknown Disgusting Object”
“Oh, It’s This Thing”
“Banished From the Bedroom”
“Fun With Hats”
“Evidence of Fun”

The grandkids complain about my smoking. They’ve all gotten religion, except for Cosette, who finds smoking endlessly fascinating and would like to be more involved in helping me smoke if she could.

I might have tried harder not to smoke around them if they had left me alone for five minutes. After hearing the word “Grandma” uttered several hundred times a day, I didn’t think I’d be able to string together two coherent thoughts ever again. You’d smoke too.

Grandma, can I use your camera?
Grandma, it’s my turn to use the camera.
Grandma, can we go fishing on the dock?
Grandma, can you put a worm on my hook?
Grandma, get out of the way. I’m going to cast.
Grandma, they got my worm again.
Grandma, I spilled the worms.
Grandma, we’re out of worms.
Grandma, will you take this fish off for me?
Grandma, I want to look at the fish I caught.
Grandma, can I take a picture of my fish?
Grandma, I’m hungry.
Grandma, I’m still hungry.
Grandma, can we go to the bakery and get doughnuts?
Grandma, I can’t find my bathing suit.
Grandma, will you help put on my bathing suit?
Grandma, I can’t find my life jacket.
Grandma, will you help me put on my life jacket?
Grandma, I can’t find my shoes.
Grandma, can I wear your sandals?
Grandma, can we throw rocks in the water? No, BIG rocks.
Grandma, will you throw the ball?
Grandma, the ball is floating away.
Grandma, I want you to take me to the potty.
Grandma, will you play this game?
Grandma, Christian won’t take turns.
Grandma, Maria took my DS game.
Grandma, will you help me with this marshmallow?
Grandma, my marshmallow fell in the dirt.
Grandma, my marshmallow is on fire.
[Gracie observing finished S’More] I think I’ll wait.
Grandma, you shouldn’t smoke. It’s bad for you.


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